Чартеры в Прагу

What is Prague Airport Shuttle

ATP Airport Transfer Prague do not do Shuttles, but private transfers!

Please pay attention to following lines: there are a few transfer companies in Prague who advertise on their websites PRIVATE Prague Airport Transfers, but later at the Prague Airport let their clients wait for another group of passengers and collect them into one vehicle. You can read about it lower on this page. Company ATP Airport Transfer Prague guarantees that you (or your clients) will get exactly what they had promised, that is a private taxi transfer from / to Prague airport! You book a private car = you get the private car (with chaffeur).

What is shuttle?

Well, not talking about space shuttles or computer motherboards, the word shuttle used in taxi branch means transport service between point A and point B where cars oscilate (pendulate) between. The maximum efficiency and low cost policy are taking place.

What is Prague Airport Shuttle?

There is a few Prague transfer companies who offer shuttles between Prague Ruzyne airport and the Prague city center. Typically a passenger gets through the baggage claim area, buys the shuttle transport ticket and then waits in front of the airport terminal until the regularly scheduled minivan departures or until the rest of the group arrives. Some companies have fixed price list so you pay the same money no matter you share the minibus or you are the only passenger in the minivan. Other companies let you pay in dependence on the actual number of shuttle passenger you share the car with.

Some shuttle companies take you to the door of your Prague hotel, others have their exact stops in the city (and the airport). In the case you location is further from the pickup point you can have "Prague tour" included in you shuttle ticket. Let’s say there is four groups in your minibus and four stops. Your destination is the last one on the list so sometimes it takes 1 hour until you get to your hotel in Prague. Add the waiting time at the Prague airport, add the baggage time, you can easily spend 2 hours until you will be "delivered" to your place.

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Average price per the shuttle transfer in Prague is 200CZK (8GBP — per person)*

*depends on the company and the shuttle system

Beware of dishonest Prague Airport Transfer (or Shuttle) companies!

There are some transfer bands operating transfers between Prague airport and the city who make "improper" use of their taxi website promises. I personaly know few guys who collect passengers into one vehicle (minivan or minibus) and let them pay "twice". I spoke to a driver working for one of these bosses and he said he was not very happy with the job. His "transfer chief" wants him to lie people at the arrivals of the Prague airport, typically telling clients "I am sorry, we lost one of our cars so we must wait for some other clients (5 minutes) and then we can go". It never takes five minutes, but ok, people usually wait. What should they do — they have booked "private, honest" Prague airport taxi and they do not want to risk a trouble with well-known Prague taxi drivers.

Imagine — you book a taxi from Prague airport to surprise your girlfriend and beleive that you will get a sedan, because it is more comfortable than a minivan and — anyway — it was advertised on the website. Then you have to wait in the hall, other couple (or stag party) arrives, driver seats you to the rear "bench" in the minivan, because your destination is the last one on the route. Listening to the bullshits of the chaffeur (and do not please blame the driver, he must listen to the orders of his boss not to lose his job) or, in the worst case, spending "romantic" moments with a band of drunk guys. The driver stops (ones, twise..) and then, finally, your stop "has arrived". And then: the driver makes you pay full price, saying (again) I am sorry, this is order of my boss and I can lose my job, please pay me what I say(!!!) Yes — this happens daily. Never trust anyone in Prague (taxi airport business) and INSIST on the service you have booked.

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ATP Airport Transfer Prague — taxis, transfers, shuttles

Airport Transfer Prague company has decided building the transport business on the absolute reliability and trustworthiness. Read our transfer policy declaration or terms and conditions page to know what to expect. We try to be honest with our clients because we know that is the only way (in the long term basis). We are grateful to every satisfied customer who "enjoyed" our transfer service. I personaly hate any cheating and tricks which could stratch my own travelling and I would never pay a penny to a dishonest taxi driver anywhere in the world. I use to give tips if the service is good — just to say thank you. Our company guarantee you are never treated as "flesh meat" as some of my "collegues" do. I beleive that satisfaction of our passangers will give us extra money in the future. All of our taxi drivers and transfer chaffeurs are strongly instructed be helpful and honest with our (their) clients.

Do you do shuttles?

Ocassionaly, when you ask. From time to time, we welcome at the Prague Ruzyne airport friends who arrive with different flights. They do not mind to wait so the driver waits with them. You can have a coffee until your driver will collect the rest of your group. What is most important — we never charged more than what was agreed. Are you 2 groups per 4 people? Your whole group will pay 790CZK per the transfer (not 2 x 790,-). Are you 2 couples willing to travel in one Prague airport sedan? No problem! We will collect you, take you to your destinations and you will pay 540,-CZK (20EUR x 18GBP) in total. That is our promise. See our taxi transfer price list.

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Prague airport private transfer at the price of shuttle

Time is money. Trying our Prague airport transfer company taxi services you realise that even private Prague airport taxi is highly competitive with any of Prague airport shuttles. You wait not a minute. Your chaffeur knows about actual arrival of your aircraft to the Prague Ruzyne airport and will be greeting you in the meeting hall exactly when you show up. Your driver will help you with your luggage and will seat you in new, luxury and clean taxi car (sedan, minivan or limousine). The chaffeur will take you exactly to the door of your stay and will make your "entry" to beautiful Prague (Praha) unforgetable (in possitive way). You do not need to be worry about asking him for any local information. We are proud we can serve you well!

And count — if you are, let’s say, a couple, you will pay 20EUR (or 18GBP) — that is 10EUR per person. Book the private airport taxi here.