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Prague (Praha) data:

Prague is capital of the Czech Republic (Central Europe also called The Heart of Europe).

Approximate population of Prague is 1,2 milions of citizen (2008). Some sources say 1,5 miliones including people living in Prague with no registration or just staying over the week.

The official language in Prague (Czech Republic) is Czech (čeština — [tschestschina])… Many (especialy younger) people can speak English, older people speak German, many people understand Russian. We had to learn Russian in schools during the communistic era. When we were 10 years old they just added new subject into our schedule. Many people hated that and it was like a national sport to ignore it and have bad grades.

Many people say Prague is the most beautiful city in the world, definetely Prague belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague used to be very important place in European history, it was a crossroad in the Central Europe, many business routes led through it.

Prague was founded sometimes round the 8th — 9th centuries and has been built since that in various styles. You can meet all kind of buildings in Prague from old Romance styled via Gothic, Baroque or Renesance. Prague has got nice location on hills round the Vltava (Moldaw) river.

Transport In Prague

People from round the world who have visited Prague say they liked the public transport system in Prague. There are 3 lines of Metro (Underground, Tube) — lines A,B and C (green, yellow and red). Metro operates daily from 5am till midnight and during the rush hour trains go every 3, 4, 5 minutes, on weekends every 8th — 10th minute.

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In rush hours, metro is faster than cars. Basic price per 1 hour ride is 26,-CZK (1,GBP or 1,-EURO something). You can switch between different lines, you also can change on trams or buses (or funicular — cable car up to the Petrin hill).

Trams and buses operate 24 hours a day, there are night lines going every 30 — 40 minutes. The linescover thePraguevery well. Just please do not forget to stamp your ticket in one of yellow machines placed at the entrances to metro stations and inside the trams and buses. Let´s say you go by tram first — you get in, stick the ticket in the machine, wait for the sound of printing the time and date on it and then keep it. You can then switch to diferent lines, metro, buses within that one hour limit (on weekends and holidays it is 1,5 hour). If you meet an inspector just show him the ticket and everything is fine. Anyway — the fine for a "black ride" is 800,-CZK.

Prague restaurants and pubs

Restaurant "U Cisaru" (at the Caesars place)

Free bonus with every transfer — taxi to renowned Prague restaurant U Cisaru. One of our free transfer bonuses which belong to every our client is totaly free-of-charge transfer to excellent place where You can have unforgettable dinner with Your wife, girlfriend or business partners. Read more at the page about the restaurant U Cisaru.

Well, some (many) places in Prague tend to be more and more expensive. The pressure on the real estate market pushes the prices up so you can harder and harder find a good place which is cheap as well. But they are still there! You can ask your airport chaffeur about places "reachable" for you by the distance and the money. You can have a lunch cheaper than 100,-CZK (3 — 4 EUR) and dinner, let´s say 150,-CZK. Good ones, with good quality of the food and with quality service. If you know where to go.

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Tips: it is very good rule to be informed about some "gray" tricks of Prague bars and restaurant stuff. From time to time we hear about manners of some waiters who charge tip saying "tip is not included in the price" or "we have no salaries, we live from tips". Well — i know few owners of Prague bars who pay their employees the minimal wage (to save money on salaries, taxes and medical and healt insurance), but i don´t want to talk about that. I mean cases when tourists are charged per something what is 100% voluntary. You can tip telephone machines if you want, it is just up to you.

To be continued soon!