Чартеры в Прагу

ATP Prague Airport Ruzyne

Prague Airport name: RUZYNE [ruzynje]

Ruzyne is also name of a quarter (area) in Prague, it is west suburb of Prague (former village Ruzyne), so the Prague airport is named after that.

Prague Airport international code: PRG (IATA) or LKPR (ICAO)

There might be different Prague airport codes than PRG or LKPR, but these ones are the international codes of Prague Ruzyne airport and are used in most occasions, flight identifications etc..

Prague Airport official website

www.prg.aero and www.prg.aero/en in english. That is the website we use when checking on the staus of your arrival to Prague — you can find information about arrivals and departures, list of services, parking etc..

Prague Airport Map

comming soon…(until the end ofMay 2009)

Prague Airport location

Prague Airport Ruzyne International is located about 5km from the west border of Prague city and approximately 15-20km from the Prague center. It was founded in 1937 year and has been serving as International Prague and Czech Republic airport since then.

Ruzyne airport is the largest Czech Republic airport which served to almost 13 milions passengers in 2008 year.

Prague Airport Terminals

The Ruzyne airport is splited into 2 main parts — South and North. South part (Terminal South — Terminal Jih) serves mostly to government or VIP flights, occasionally the "ordinary" international arrivals in Prague are directed to Terminal South.

North part of Ruzyne airport is splited into two Terminals — Terminal 1 (Terminal North 1 — Terminal Sever 1) and newly built Terminal 2 (Terminal North 2 — Terminal Sever 2) and serves as a main international passenger airport in Prague and Czech Republic.

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Terminal 1 of Prague airport

International flights from Non Schengen Pact countries (Great Britain, United States of America, Russia, South Korea etc..). We mostly collect clients from England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales in arrival hall of Terminal 1 and provide taxi service between Prague city and Prague airport.

Terminal 2 of Prague airport

International flights from/to Schengen Pact countries like Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finland or Spain, Italy etc.

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