Чартеры в Прагу

The Famous Pubs

Prix: CZK 400 (CZK 500 with a dinner)

  • Includes beer at each pub and a traditional Czech dinner
  • Wed, Fri, Sat at 6:30 p.m., lasts 2 and 1/2 hrs.

please contact us for further information, individual walks, foreign languages or for any other requests

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The Famous Pubs of the Old Town en détails

The history of Prague is also the history of its pubs where the heart of this great city beats. The pubs have been the social and cultural melting pot of the Czechs since the old times. We set this walk by the best old pubs in the Old Town which are very popular among the local people. You get a chance to taste several brands of Czech beer, understand the “Bohemian way of life”, ask questions about the life in this country, have a traditional Czech dinner and meet others who like to go out in the evening. You are going to feel Prague in your veins. Cheers indeed!





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